Hello, I'm Jackie Sparling and I am a licensed real estate agent in Palm Habor, Florida. I believe my real estate journey began the day I was born. With a father and grandfather who were both real estate agents, I was always getting first hand experience throughout my entire childhood. 


I took a small break from real estate when I attended Michigan State University, where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Supply Chain Managment. This degree took me to Atlanta, GA where I spent seven years in various sourcing roles. During that time I strengthened my negotiation and market analysis skills well also picking up home renovations as a hobby! I renovated 3 homes during this time period. I believe my ability to sucessfully analyze the market and help my clients envision what can be done with a property (big or small) gives me an advantage over other real estate agents.


In 2016 I became a licensed real estate agent in Georgia and in 2017 I transfered my license and relocated to Clearwater, FL. Clearwater feels like home since I spent my childhood visiting my grandparents here. I have loved being able to see the city and surrounding area grow over the past 25+ years!


I currently work with both sellers and buyers in Clearwater, Palm Habor, Dunedin, Safety Harbor and Belleair. 


If you have any real estate questions don't heisitate to reach out. 


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I am here to answer any of your real estate questions

The information provided on this site is designed to provide helpful information on the subjects discussed. It is not meant to be relied on as a sole source of information. Real estate can vary from state to state and all readers should confirm the information read on this website with local professionals.